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Apricot Scrub


Apricot Essence Scrub is based on the properties of Apricot peeling which deep cleanses
the skin pores, and dislodges the dead skin.  This makes the skin look more radiant,
Apricot Face & Body Scrub that can helps to makes your skin glow and look vibrant.
This high quality scrub is quite effective in removing dead cells of the skin,
and promotes the growth of new cells for a radiant look.
Apricot Oil helps to make skin soft, smooth, and moisturizes it.


Apply this scrub on moistened face and neck areas followed by gentle massage and rinsing
with clean water. Use this scrub 2 to 3 times weekly.

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Rose Water Soap


Rose Water Soap.
It is time to take the rose garden in your bathroom! Luxurious roses fragrance in a
gorgeous soap! it’s a unique soap.
The eye appeal and persistent scent make it an excellent choice for gifts and bathroom
Hand-made aromatherapy soap filled with natural organic oils and botanical ingredients
to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your precious skin.
Rose water soap will leaves your skin clean, velvety soft, and lightly scented Luxurious roses fragrance in a gorgeous soap! it’s a unique soap.
The eye appeal and persistent scent make it an excellent choice for gifts and bathroom

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Pine Tar Soap


Pine tar soap helps to cleans, moisturizes the skin, and also very useful as a
deodorizes. This soap is useful for removing scales of eczema, psoriasis, dandruff
and dry skin.
Pine organic essential oil is a traditional aid for treating seborrhea, eczema,
scabies and psoriasis.
Our pine essential oil is steam distilled from pine needles and twigs.

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Black Amber Soap


Into this soap, we’ve filled it with amber Aroma, our Amber blend also
with Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Musk.
Because of the Vanilla in the blend, it will go a luxurious brown in your
soaps and toiletries.
Black Amber Soap is a luxurious perfume soap, Once use it on the skin, it
will linger on the skin for hours.

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Hot Oil Treatment


DAKKA KADIMA Hot Oil Cream is specially combined with Amla oil
and Indian herbal extracts to penetrate deep into dry,brittle and damaged hair to repair and re-codition your hair.It provides the necessary smoothness,softness and healthy texture to your hair and restores its natural moisture and vitality.

When you have dry and damaged hair, you may consider using a once per week hot oil treatment.

Direction of use:
Apply to towel dried and massage gently from roots to ends.Leave for 3-5 minutes.Rinse out thoroughly and style as usual.

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Pearl Cream with Lavender


Dark spots can appear on your skin “Arms, Legs, and Thighs” for various reasons.
Dark armpits or dark underarms is a skin discoloration problem that makes one’s
underarms to appear darker one’s normal body skin tone.
To solve darkening area of your body, we offer you a Pearl Cream with Lavender
which helps to exfoliate, and removes dead cells, and make the skin gets its
light, bright, and normal tone that you like.

1, Helps to make skin lighter, and brighter.
2, It’s suitable for all skin types.
4, Makes the skin soft, tender and glowing.
5, It can be used for Men, and Women.

How to Apply Pearl Cream:
Start with a clean the dark areas, and apply a small amount of Pearl Cream,
gently massage the cream into your skin.
Wait for your skin to absorb the cream before getting dressed.

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Coconut oil


-It is mostly used externally to vitiminize hair and for some skin diseases.

-Coconut fruit and coconut oil have been used for a long time for medical purposes, especially in traditional Indian medicine and (Ayurvedic medicine).

External use:
– It is used to treat baldness and hair loss.
– skin moisturizer and useful for abscesses. It has an antibacterial property. -It protects children from external skin infections.
– urticaria, rash and scabies.

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