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Shampoo with Attar Al Kaaba

May 23, 2016


Aleppo Shampoo with Attar Al Kaaba (Arabian Perfume Oil)
What is Attar Al Kaaba?
Attar Al Kaaba is an Arabian tradition perfume oil is combosed from Arabian 7 Arab perfume oils

1, Oud.
2, Amber.
3, Sandalwood.
4, Saffron.
5, Musk.
6, Rose
7, Taef Ward (Taef Flower)
Attar Alkaaba shampoo, you can perfume your hair and body with amazing Arabian traditional perfume.

Aleppo shampoo is suitable for all hair types, it’s enriched with 7 oils extracts:

1, Olive oil.
2, Laurel oil.
3, Black cumin oil
4, Cactus oil
5, Castor oil
6, Rose oil
7, Aloe Vera

Aleppo perfume shampoo helps to nourishing the scalp, and strengthen the hair from fallen.
This distinct shampoo takes you to the Arabian city of kaaba, and the smell will follow all day!

Shampoo with Attar Al Kaaba_website


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